Germany’s interior minister says that any group not recognizing Israel will lose their right to exist politically in the country.The group, the International Humanitarian Relief Organization, or IHH, has been banned on the accusation that it collects donations to fund Hamas’s welfare programs.

The Interior Minister said that IHH tricked donors into giving money for humanitarian projects while the money was aiding projects linked to Hamas.

‘Organisations that directly or indirectly align themselves from German soil against Israel’s very right to existence have forfeited their right to form an association,’ said German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere

Hamas has been declared a terrorist organization by the European Union.

‘It’s macabre that the interior minister is punishing those looking after orphaned children instead of criticizing the ones turning children into orphans,’ stated IHH Chairman Mustafa Yoldas.

The IHH has said that it will appeal the ban and felt that it was a ‘disgrace.’