The notorious Israeli Foreign Minister wants to cede all responsibility for Gaza to the Europeans.Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is supposedly crafting a plan that would give any and all responsibility for Gaza to European groups and nations. This comes five years after Israel’s pullout from the territory.

The Foreign Minister wants to make clear to the world that it is in no way responsible for the land or the inhabitants. This refers to Israel’s current blockade of the territory and stranglehold on certain supplies it refuses to let into the Strip.

Mr. Lieberman wants to shop the plan around to a number of dignitaries, officials, and lawyers to determine what set of conditions would allow for international recognition of Gaza’s independence from Israeli authority.

This is a radical shift in policy as it turns the focus from the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to Hamas in Gaza.

Israel would seal up its border with Gaza permanently, allow ships that had been inspected in Greece or Crete to dock at Gaza’s port, and allow Europe to do whatever sort of social or structural development programs they see fit.

The plan would also have European peacekeepers and commando’s keeping the peace on the border and for stopping weapon-smuggling.

Lieberman will be discussing the plan with EU foreign affairs minister Catherine Ashton. She will be accompanied by foreign ministers from six European nations.