The Israeli military demolished an entire village in the Jordan Valley after declaring it within a closed military zone.The Israeli military destroyed an entire village, Monday morning, in the Jordan valley after most residents had left when the Civil Administration cut off the last of their water, according to Haaretz.

55 structures were destroyed by the Israeli military in Farasiya, leaving the 120 farmers, laborers and their families without homes.

The Israelis say they posted eviction notices, declaring the area a live fire zone, but received no appeals challenging the declaration.

The residents were mostly shepherds and those that worked the land of families in the nearby town of Tubas.

This is the culmination of a number of policies by Israel to choke the people of water and ultimately into leaving the land. A few years ago the army destroyed a pipe the residents had laid to bring water from a nearby stream into their farms and for drinking.

Last year they forbid the residents from connecting to wells made by Mekorot Water Company. They have since been pumping saltwater to the surface for their livestock and having water brought in by tanker, until four months ago when the Civil Administration confiscated the pumps.