A report given to the UN by Israel details how it will attempt to limit civilian casualties in the future.The report was presented in relation to the Israeli military’s actions in Operation Cast Lead, the 2008-09 war that decimated Gaza and left 1400 Palestinians dead.

Its completion was to satisfy a resolution from the General Assembly and was given to the UN Secretary-General on Monday. In it were outlined several ways in which the Israeli army would seek to lessen civilian casualties. It also proscribed a new policy to the use of white phosphorus, a chemical weapon known for its ability to cause extremely serious burns.

The measures include such things as emphasizing to commanders that protecting civilians is critical to their mission as well as adding a humanitarian affairs officer to each combat unit.

Part of the new regulations on the use of white phosphorous include having a buffer zone of a few hundred meters and to not use it around sensitive areas. The weapon remains legal and in their arsenal.

The war forced a resolution in November of 2009 that called for Israel and Hamas to legitimately investigate war crimes. The report given Monday is in compliance with that resolution.