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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the international Middle East Media Center for Thursday August 5th 2010.

Israel says it will return the freedom flotilla boats to Turkey and continue to demolish homes of Palestinian families in the West Bank and the Negev, these stories and more are coming up stay tuned.

Israeli military bulldozers demolished around 23 structures in the village of Al-Farsiyeh near Tubas in the northeast of the West Bank Thursday morning, Palestinian media sources reported.

The sources added that the military demolished houses and animal sheds in the village which were rebuilt after being demolished two weeks ago.

A large Israeli police force attacked on Wednesday the residents of al-Araqeeb village in the Negev, and demolished their homes for the second time this week, Salem Abu Mdeighim, field researcher of Adala Center stated.

The police also attacked the researcher of Adalah along with dozens of residents of the village leading to several injuries, some requiring hospitalization.

Eyewitnesses reported that the police attacked the village with armored jeeps, bulldozers and military vehicles in order to demolish the homes that were rebuilt after being previously demolished by the police.

Yousef Abu Zayed, head of the Committee for Defending Al-Araqeeb, stated that the police invaded the village with the intention to demolish the homes, and that this is the second attack since last week as the Israeli police demolished several homes then.

In the meantime, clashes erupted between right wing Israeli settlers and Israeli border police on Thursday when the police attempted to evacuate the settlers from an unauthorized outpost near Hebron.

The settlers setup wooden homes and tents in the outpost near the bigger illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba’. Police took down the outpost and arrested four settlers and forced the rest away form the area, who immediately retaliated from Palestinian farmers by torching their fields.

In other news, Israeli sources reported that the Israeli government intends to return three Turkish ships that were forcefully boarded by the Israeli army during the attack against the Freedom Flotilla that was heading to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to deliver humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip on May 31, during which ten activists where killed and dozens wounded.

The Israeli ministry of defense added that Marmara and two other Turkish boats that were boarded by the army will be sent back to Ankara and handed over to Turkish officials.

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