On Monday mornin, the Israeli military invaded the towns of al-Samu’, Halhol, Beit al-Rosh, Sa’er, Beit Kahel and the al-Fawar Refugee Camp near Hebron, in the southern West Bank. The military conducted inspections of Palestinian vehicles and demanded identity cards of all passengers, apparently in search of persons who were ‘wanted’ by the military.The ‘wanted’ lists used by the Israeli military are sourced by Palestinian informants and are invariably inaccurate, as informants are often paid to put people on the Israeli lists for political or personal reasons that have nothing to do with the security of Israel.

Security sources confirmed that Israeli soldiers installed military blockades at Ebn Rashd circle in the center of Hebron and searched the vehicles of Palestinians.

In related news, on Sunday night, the Israeli army kidnapped two Palestinian citizens from the village of Beit Umar near Hebron and transferred them to the Etzion interrogation and detention center located south of Bethlehem.The two detainees were identified as Badir al-Sa’akek,17, and Anwar Awad,16.