During a meeting led by dozens of Druze figures in the occupied Golan Heights, social and religious leaders and residents declared that they disown Member of Knesset Ayyoub Qarra of the Likud Party, and that al-Qarra will not be welcomed or acknowledged by anyone.They said that al-Qarra is a collaborator with the Israeli occupation, and that he sold his people and their history “by becoming a Zionist who is so small to be even regarded, and worthless”, and that he and others like him “are serving their Zionist masters, and are trying to cause internal rifts among their own society”.

“He will not be allowed into our homes, he will not be welcomed in the Golan Heights”, they said. “His statements and stances are filled with lies”.

Furthermore, the social and religious figures decided to hold a general strike this coming Saturday to protest a plan prepared by Jewish settlers attempt to build a mall in the place of a religious site.

They stated that they will resist these attempts and will even resort to the use of force should the settlers’ group insist on confiscating their lands in order to build the mall.