Around 15 tons of agricultural exports are set to leave the Gaza Strip over next week’s crossings operations, Radio Israel revealed to Ma’an News.
The news came after Israeli officials told Palestinian liaison officers in Gaza that only one crossing would operate on Thursday.

Since 2007, some 800 truckloads of strawberries and carnations have been exported from the Gaza Strip. This has been the only export from the blockaded coastal strip, and transportation of the exports has been possible because the goods are part of a Dutch government-sponsored program to support Gaza farmers.

On Thursday, eight loads of strawberries and carnations from the project reportedly left via the only open crossing terminal in the southern part of Gaza, east of Rafah.

Liaison official Raed Fattouh confirmed there were 200 to 210 truckloads of commercial and humanitarian goods for import, including 20 small vehicles, and limited amount of domestic gas and industrial diesel.