Israeli bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning a number of homes that belong to residents of Al Sadeer “unrecognized” Arab village in the Negev. The homes belong to members of Al Freihat family. This marks the latest in a series of home demolitions in the Negev.

Arab member of Knesset, member of the Arab Democratic Party, Talab Al Sane’, denounced the attack and described it as a “crime”.

He stated that Israel’s Interior Ministry is ongoing with the demolition of Arab homes in the Negev in an attempt to force the Arab residents out of the area.

The Arab MK added that the only aim behind these attacks is to control the lands in order to build Jewish settlements that would house new settlers.

Arab residents of the Negev are repeatedly targeted by the Interior Ministry as Israel does not recognize their villages, and does not provide them with any services, even water and schooling.

Dubbing the Arab villages as illegal makes it easy for the ministry to issue orders to evacuate villages and demolish homes.