Hamas political leader, Mahmoud Zahhar, stated that the issue of the captured prisoner-of-war, Gilad Shalit, is a sensitive matter that is being dealt with in utmost confidentiality, and added that Israeli is trying to manipulate the issue through its media. His statements were made Friday during a meeting with members of the Quds 5 solidarity convoy that arrived into Gaza to deliver medical and humanitarian supplies to the besieged coastal region.

He said that any statement made on Shalit will have a direct impact, especially on the families of the detainees.

Commenting on the Israeli threats to launch a new war against Gaza, Zahhar stated that Israel’s bets have all failed.

“We are in the front line of the battle against the occupation”, he added, “We Know that we managed to strike Israel’s theory of national security despite all of what Gaza has been through, the wars and the siege”.

He also stated that Tel Aviv will not be able to strike Gaza with nuclear weapons, adding that such weapons will also harm Israel itself.

“Such weapons do not know borders, green lines or security lines”, he concluded.