The Wadi Hilweh Information Center, based in the Silwan neighbourhood of East Jerusalem, is reporting that the article published by Israeli daily newspaper, Maariv, on Monday, targeting Wadi Hilweh Information Center director Jawad Siyam is slanderous.The article, entitled “Double Job” makes accusations against Siyam by claiming that he participates in demonstrations against Israeli authorities in Silwan, while at the same time accepting money from the Jerusalem Municipality. Siyam has stated that these allegations are false

The article alleges that Siyam is employed by the Jerusalem Municipality as a social worker. According to the Center, this fact has no basis in reality.

The author has also claimed that Siyam is involved in violent rallies against Israeli forces in Silwan and inciting others to rally.

The timing of the piece comes at a time when Siyam is facing legal troubles with Israeli authorities. Tomorrow he will attend the next hearing of an assault case lodged against him by the Jerusalem police.

The hearing will determine whether or not Siyam’s house arrest sentence will be extended, which he has already served for the past month.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center believes that the timing of the slanderous article’s publication is no coincidence. It is aimed at stacking the odds against Siyam’s defense in court by tarnishing his image and painting him as a violent man.

The article’s author spoke on the behalf of what they term “those responsible for security” in the region. He claimed the guards of the Israeli settlements in Silwan accused Siyam of recruiting children from the village to throw stones at settlers and police. This includes a plot to incite neighborhood children to stone El Ad director David Beeri’s car, when Beeri drove his car in to them.

According to Siyam, “an overwhelming number of lies and pure fabrication formed the basis of this article. I consider this act a dangerous attack not only against me but my family, who may be targeted for the malicious claims made in this piece.”

Siyam also denounced the fact that secret legal documents used to implicate him in the case were released to a Hebrew newspaper before his lawyer, who has been prevented from viewing many documents since the beginning of the case.

Siyam also worried about other possible repercussions. “I cannot rule out that physical violence may be used against me in the future by authorities, should this persecution continue.”