The Israeli Air Force carried out on Sunday at dawn a series of air strikes targeting a number of areas in Gaza city, and areas in central Gaza; damage was reported, no injuries.Local sources reported that F16 Fighter Jets bombarded an open area near Mosab Bin ‘Amir Mosque in Gaza’s Al Zeitoun neighborhood leading to excessive damage in a number of homes, and warehouses surrounding the mosque.

The Air Force also carried a number of strikes targeting an under construction building that belongs to the Islamic University, south of Gaza City. The building was being constructed in the place of the former Netzarim settlement.

Furthermore, the Air Force fired one missile at a land that belongs to a local family near Al Zawaida Club, in Central Gaza.

The Israeli Radio reported that the air strikes were carried out in retaliation to two shells that were fired on Saturday from Gaza into the Western Negev.

According to the Radio, one of the targeted areas is a tunnel that was dug north of the Gaza Strip in preparation to attack Israeli targets, and that a series of explosions took place in the tunnel, an issue, according to the radio, that indicates the tunnel contained explosive materials.

Last week, the Israeli army conducted several attacks against the Gaza Strip leading to several casualties.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that seven Palestinians were killed and 46 were wounded in a series of Israeli military attacks carried out against the Gaza Strip in February.