Dozens of women were wounded on Saturday after the Israeli forces violently attacked a peaceful protest at the Qalandia Terminal north of Jerusalem, and fired gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets at them. The women were holding a protest marking the Palestinian Women Day, and the International Women Day.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli military attack was unprovoked, especially since the protesters were marching peacefully.

One of the wounded women is a member of a Swedish foundation; she suffered serious injuries as she was struck in the face with a gas bomb fired by the army, medical sources reported.

She received medical treatment on the spot and was moved to the Ramallah Governmental Hospital.

Also among the wounded were Targhrid Shalalda, representative of the Palestinian Women Workers Union in Hebron, and Mariam Maali, representative of the union in Ramallah.

Hundreds of women participated in the protest, including Palestinian Social Affair Minister, Majida Al Masry, along with Secretary-General of the Women Workers Union in the West Bank, Nada Tweir, and several international women and representatives of a number of women’s organizations and legal institutions.

The protest started in front of the entrance of the Qalandia refugee camp; the protestors chanted for Palestinian unity, for ending the occupation and for Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state.

They also affirmed the leading role of women in the national struggle, and in building the Palestinian society and its institutions.

The army attacked them by firing gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets before they approached the main gate of the Qalandia terminal.