And here we go… again, another initiative, another diplomatic move and another act that distances us further away from any real solution to the real issue at hand, Peace that is, I think, or maybe it is just a wishful thinking.
Now, don’t misunderstand me, I believe the Palestinians welcome real efforts that could lift their suffering and end this overdue occupation that did not only consume the land and resources, but also fails to regard the Palestinian as part of the human race.

But, oh well, after repeated U.S administrations tried to offer their “help” in ending the conflict, and of course without stopping the funding of Israel’s killing machines, and without cutting off the billions of dollars that fund Israel’s colonies in occupied Palestine, we will now witness the “glorious birth” of a new initiative pushed by Britain, France and Germany “urging the United Nations and European Union to finalize the new initiative” that is believed to be just the right medicine this conflict needs, including the establishment of a Palestinian State” woohooo.

When I read the above statement for the first time, I had to pour water on my head as I thought I was having a nice dream and needed to wake up from it before the nightmare takes over!

The abovementioned three EU Countries might have their hearts in the right place, I personally do not know…or maybe am scared to know…but they are asking UN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon, to present the final copy of the new initiative during the Quartet meeting in April.

The initiative is believed to be “the cure”…this time, God willing or whoever you believe in, willing, it will be the right push that would lead to the resumption of the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks…hmmm

According to the Associated Press, the three EU countries decided to launch the new initiative after the almighty United States presented itself yet again as the savior who is sent to save Israel from the evil nations that are trying to fish in dirty waters!

We recently witnessed another American Veto, and this time, not really different in nature from similar numerous occasions, came to foil a resolution that condemns Israel’s construction of settlements, or to be politically correct colonies, in occupied Palestine.

Of course, the short memory of the United States and the European Union seems to have forgotten the fact that under international law and the fourth Geneva Conventions, settlements are not only illegal, but also constitute war crimes.

But here we go, another initiative that cannot succeed without Israel’s approval and Israel’s green light to the UN, the EU and even to its ‘protector’ the US of A, a green light that seems to be malfunctioning…

Don’t be sad or mad, because the simple fact is that the real change is similar and connected to what we are witnessing now in the Arab world, and a much needed change globally because we need a drastic change in the United States, the European Union and above all, in Israel and the occupied territories.

The rising movements want change, they also want peace, but not the peace Israel and the United States talk about too much actually, to the level of boring us to death.

While expressing my salute and respect to BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaigns in Europe and the United States, we will likely need to boycott our own governments, or turn our backs to them until they learn how to listen. The youths are getting it loud and clear, but governments are not even close.

I was born in Palestine, grew up in Palestine, and paralyzed by Israeli gunfire to my spine in Palestine. I grew up hearing about American envoys coming and going, leaders from European countries coming and going, but was never able to see any change on the ground.

The occupation is not only alive, it is kicking too. Settlements on stolen Palestinian lands are still being built and expanded, the illegal Annexation Wall stole what is left of Palestine, and the Palestinians are being pushed into ghettos more rapidly so that they will not have anything else to “negotiate on”.

The history of the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians never changed since the early nineties, the situation is actually getting worse, many years of peace talks without obliging Israel to halt its violations, led to the largest and the most dangerous construction and expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestine.

The EU knows it, the world knows it actually, but it just does not matter, there can be no peace when one side attends “peace talks” without dropping the mentality and the logic/ illogicality of power, call it whatever you want.. it is not copyrighted!

Under this logic/illogicality, the international community does not matter, but we will have to make it matter, am not talking about leaders and countries, not talking about weapons and advanced warfare technology, am talking about the people, about you, me, us, and about our responsibility as human beings to tell every leader that our problem is not that nations hate each other, or hate their leaders, the problem is in you not letting your people to be your advisors.

I mean, I can’t even recall how many resolutions were issued calling for Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied territories, calling on Israel to stop its violations against the Palestinians, but the thing I recall very well is that nothing has ever changed on the ground.

Nothing is actually an understatement, as time, something Israel always wants and always got, allowed it to steal more lands from the Palestinians.

Lands stolen for settlement construction, and then of course for expansion, lands stolen for the construction of the Annexation Wall, and once we reach the final stage of “peace talks” the Palestinians will have nothing at all. Just a bunch of ghettoes isolated and surrounded by the Wall and settlements.

The Hope, is not in Obama, or any world leader or country, it is in us all, we are the engine that shakes the ground and topples tyrannies, we are the engine that, when operated, makes world leaders think twice before they utter one word.

Looking at what is happening when leaders meet, I feel hopeless and helpless, but when I look at the streets of the Arab world I feel empowered. But in order succeed at a world wide scale, we need this spirit of real change and popular revolutions reminding every leader that they are in office to serve the people, not the other way around.

Our duty is to make world leaders understand and fully realize that peace that does not bring PEACE to the people is a no peace and just a waste of time that will likely lead to more violence.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed”–Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is our right, our responsibility, or duty to make world leaders understand that your assemblies and media shows are not the trigger that will create peace, they must realize that the people are the womb that gives birth to peace.

So, world leaders, try to stop talking and at least reduce your volume so that you will be able to listen to the shouts of the people, the legitimate demands of the people, and maybe you should listen to them for a change.

I believe Israelis, Arabs, Palestinians, Americans and people of all nations, colors and creeds can live in peace and harmony if they are given the chance to be heard and seen, it is the greed of politics, not the people, that is keeping is away from real change, real peace.