A group of extremist Israeli settlers disrupted on Thursday evening a peaceful rally held by Israeli left-wing activists and Israel Prize Laureates calling for an independent Palestinian State.The settlers blew their bullhorns and shouted slurs at the protestors describing them as traitors, and stating that “Kahane was right” referring to slain terrorist Me’er Kahane the founder of the outlawed Kach movement.

Around 21 Israeli Prize Laureates were among the protestors. The Israeli Police did not attempt to remove the settlers as they usually do when right-wing settlers hold protests and events, the Maan News Agency reported.

The clashes prompted a statement from Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, who called for showing restraint.

Barak stated that words like traitors or treason should not be used, and that Israel might have to make important decisions, adding that all Israelis want a secure and strong state.

Israeli Academics and winners of Israel Prize signed an appeal for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Former head of Israel’s Academy of Science, Menachem Yaari, an Israeli
painter and sculptor, Danni Karavan, and the founder of leftist Meretz party, Shulamit Aloni, were among the signatories. Maan reported.

The petition states that the signatories welcome the Palestinian position to head to the United Nations in order to seek recognition of a Palestinian State in Palestinian territories illegally occupied by Israel in the 1967-six-day war.

The petition also states that the Unites Nations partition plan can only be implemented by ending the Israeli occupation. The also called for the creation two democratic nations, Jewish and Arab.