Israeli soldiers attacked on Wednesday a nonviolent procession in Nabi Saleh village, near the central West Bank city of Nablus, as dozens of residents marched in the streets celebrating the signing of the Palestinian unity agreement. Soldiers fired gas bombs and rubber coated bullets at the protesters leading several residents to suffocate after inhaling gas.

After sunset, the army fired flares while several army vehicles that gathered at the entrance of the village.

During the procession, the residents chanted for national unity, and expressed their joy for Palestinian reconciliation while thanking Egypt for its important role in achieving this unity agreement.

They also chanted against the Israeli occupation and settlements, and demanding the removal of all Israeli settlements illegally built in the occupied territories.

On Tuesday evening, the army closed the iron gate that leads to the walled village, and deployed its troops in the area.

The National Resistance Movement in Nabi Saleh, welcomed the unity agreement between the Fateh and Hamas movements, and dubbed it as a “historic event”, and a “victory for the Palestinian people”.

It demanded the Palestinian people and their factions to ensure the success of the deal as it protects the national interests of the Palestinian people.

The movement also welcomed the statements of president Mahmoud Abbas who said that the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian factions support the national popular resistance.