Israeli medical sources reported that a blast late on Thursday night occurred in a building in Netanya leading to the death of four Israelis while at least 50 were injured. The blast appears to be a result of a gas leak.Israeli news service Ynet News reported that three of the fatalities are women. 2 were in their 40’s and one was in her 20’s, while the fourth, a man in his fifties, died of his wounds on Friday morning. At least three of the injured are in serious conditions. The explosion was reported on the fourth floor of the building.

Ynet said that hours before the blast took place; the police detained a man who was spotted near the gas tank, and released the man later on. Following the blast, the police detained him again.

The police believe that the blast is the result of a gas tank explosion but did not yet determine whether the explosion was an accident or deliberate.

A gas technician who was called to the site before the blast took place after the residents complained of a gas smell will also be interrogated.

The Israeli Intelligence services have ruled out the explosion as “an act of terror”. Some media sources in Israel stated that the police and the security services are trying to locate a suspicious vehicle that was spotted speeding out of the area following the blast. Other reports indicated that two persons were scene running away just before the blast took place.