On Thursday evening, dozens of extremist Israeli settlers torched Palestinian Olive orchards near the illegal Itamar settlement, south of the northern West bank city of Nablus.Ghassan Douglas, in charge of the settlements file at the Palestinian Authority in the northern part of the West Bank, stated that several settlers torched 15 Dunams planted with olive trees in the Borket Al Marah area.

The orchards belong to residents Hafeth Suleiman Darweesh and Ahmad Hafeth Dweikat of the Rojeeb village, southeast of Nablus. The settlers fled the scene directly after torching the orchards.

The attack is one of numerous attacks carried out by extremist settlers in the West Bank under the so-called “Price Tag” as they blame the Palestinians for the evacuation of some illegal small settlement outposts dismantled by the Israeli army in the West Bank.

Past attacks have included torching mosques and attacking Palestinian homes and property.