The Miles of Smiles humanitarian convoy made it, on Sunday evening, into the Gaza Strip via the Rafah Border Terminal between Gaza and Egypt, carrying 50 human rights activists, medical and humanitarian supplies. Sailing from Europe, the convoy carried 15 handicapped-friendly ambulances, 30 tons of medical supplies and medications, and milk powder, urgently needed in Gaza, especially by children who need medical equipment and medications.

It also carried 53 activists from different countries, who are determined to challenge the five-year-old siege imposed on Gaza by air, land leading to the death of nearly 400 patients.

The Popular Committee Against the Siege in Gaza welcomed the “Miles of Smiles” into Gaza, and thanked the supporters for their relentless efforts to challenge the illegal Israeli siege and to deliver the urgently needed medical supplies.

Ali Al Nazly, spokesperson of the Committee, issued a press release stating that the arrival of the convoy reflects international awareness and increasing solidarity with the besieged Gaza Strip.

Al Nazly added that the convoy carries a clear message against the illegal Israeli siege and the urgent necessity to end it as it violates the International Law and basic human rights.

He denounced the international governments for their silence and idleness while the resident in Gaza continue to live under illegal siege while hundreds of patients died and continue to die due to the lack of medications and medical supplies.