According to Al Jazeera the announcement of a interim unity government between political rivals Fatah and Hamas has been delayed due to disagreement between the two sides as to who would hold the position of Prime Minister.
Al Jazeera has reported that the announcement of the new unity government between Fatah and Hamas has been postponed. The announcement was due on Tuesday of this week.

Fatah representatives officially cited Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas’s busy schedule as the reason for the requested postponement. However party officials speaking anonymously to Reuters stated that the delay was due to political disagreement over the position of Prime Minister in the interim government.

Fatah want the Prime Minsitership to go to current PA PM Salem Fayyed. Hamas, however, disagrees with the appointment of Fayyed citing his alleged role in collaborating with Israel security forces in the West Bank and the Israeli siege on Gaza.

Hamas is pushing for the position of PM to go to an individual from Gaza.

Fatah claim that Fayyed’s respected image in the international community will secure continued international aid and legitimacy. Fayyed, who spent ten years in the World Bank, is viewed favorably in the West as bringing economic growth to the West Bank and effectively building state institutions.