There has been an increase in clashes among Palestinian villagers and Israeli settlers according to Israeli military commanders. Military leaders, speaking to Haaretz, have expressed fears that hostility will increase due to Palestinian bid to gain recognition in the United Nations.
The fears come on the back of recent clashes between the Palestinian village of Burin, and the Yitzhar Israeli settlement after two Palestinians stole a car from a Yitzhar settlers. Settlers in response set fire to a Palestinian field destroying 400 trees in Burin.

In another incident of arson, the mosque in al-Mueir village was set on fire on June 7 by Israeli Settlers. According to police the arson was a price tag attack in response to the Israel Lands Administrations evacuation of structures in an illegal outpost.

Other incidents between Palestinian villagers and Israeli settlers include stone throwing between Yitzhar settlers and Palestinians from Asira aKabaliya. Stone throwing has also erupted between Israeli setters from Gaon Hayarden and Palestinians villagers.

Israeli military commanders fear that Palestinian attempts to attain recognition in the United Nations might lead to even more conflicts with settlers.