A man from the Israeli Occupied Golan Heights has been sentenced to eight months in prison by an Israeli court for throwing rocks during the Naksa Day disturbances this year in which 22 people are said to have died due to Israeli live fire.
Nasser Shaer, 37, from the Druze town of Majdal Shams in the Occupied Golan has been given an eight month jail sentence by the Israeli Nazareth Magistrates’ Court for throwing rocks that allegedly injured an Israeli policeman during Naksa Day disturbances this year near the Syrian border.

The judge presiding over the case stated in sentencing Shaer that Israel is ‘facing a serious and unusual situation. The state of Israel has been surrounded by enemies from the day it was created, and has to fight every day and every minute for its existence.’

Syrian state media sources claim that 22 people died when Israel opened live fire on Palestinian protesters as they attempted to cross into Israeli held territory to mark their right of return to their homes in what is now Israel.