Senior PA officials have ordered Palestinian security forces to prevent protests expected during the September bid from turning violent. The PLO has planned mass rallies during the UN deliberation, but hopes to avoid direct confrontation with Israeli forces, according to Maan News Agency.The Palestinian Authority is concerned that even non-violent protests, if they are near checkpoints or settlements, could easily deteriorate into violence. The PA has indicated that it will stop any violent protests.

Instead, the PLO has planned a number of peaceful rallies surrounding the UN bid. The PLO rallies are in Palestinian population centers where there is little chance of them clashing with Israeli soldiers or settlers. Also, the rallies are to be supervised by the Palestinian security forces.

The orders come the same week a Knesset report was published saying that Israeli intelligence expects Palestinians to pursue only non-violent protests. The report also recognized the possibility of one incident of violence causing major clashes.

According to public and media polls, the majority of Palestinians have no interest in carrying out a third intifada or any violent confrontation with Israel. Their primary concern is the development of hte economy and the Palestinian state.