The Israeli government is planning to expel 384 Palestinian activists from occupied East Jerusalem for their political activities in the city.A number of activists stated that they were contacted by the Israeli authorities, and were threatened to be expelled from the city after the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

The Press TV reported that the move came as part of the Israeli efforts to pressure the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in order to void its plan to head to the United Nations in September to seek statehood recognition.

The Israeli move was seen by a number of political observers in Palestine as an Israeli attempt to ethnically cleanse occupied Jerusalem from its indigenous Palestinian population.

Political activist, Ahmad Rafeeq, told Press TV that the expulsion of Palestinian figures from occupied Jerusalem is “part of Israel policy to Judaize Jerusalem by removing its original inhabitants”.

Palestinian political activists in Jerusalem stated that Israel also plans to demolish more Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, especially in Silwan.

The Israeli government stepped-up its expansion of the illegal settlements in the occupied territories, especially in occupied East Jerusalem after its so-called 9-month settlement freeze expired in September 2010.

The issue, in addition to ongoing Israeli invasions and attacks, pushed the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to withdraw from the US-mediated political talks with Israel.