Marking the first day of the Al- Fitr Muslim Feast on Tuesday, thousands of Egyptians held a massive protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo carrying Egyptian flags and demanding Cairo to shut down the Israeli embassy, and to expel the ambassador.They also demanded the prosecution of Israeli soldiers behind the deadly shooting of Egyptian border policemen, near the border in Eilat on Thursday august 18. Eight Israelis, including three soldiers, were killed in the attack.

Following the Eilat shooting that was initiated by gunmen, and not Egyptian border policemen, Israeli soldiers opened fire at Egyptian border policemen, stationed on the Egyptian side of the border, while military helicopters also violated Egyptian airspace. Three Egyptian border policemen were killed in Israeli attack.

The protesters, who held several massive protests after the shooting, and one of them even managed to climb up the walls out of the Israeli embassy in Cairo and removed the Israeli flag, are demanding revenge, and are calling on the Prime Minister of the Hamas-led government in Gaza, Ismail Haniyya, to “remain steadfast, and keep his rifle ready”, referring to ongoing resistance.

Egypt’s security forces were heavily deployed around the Israeli embassy, and closed the area after some protesters managed to cross through police barricades, and reached the yard of the embassy.