The Israeli military stormed the villages of Burqin and al-‘Arqah, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, on Thursday. Military vehicles patrolled the streets of the villages and broke into homes, but no arrests were reported.Palestinian sources said that an Infantry division was deployed among olives groves in Jenin.

Furthermore, armed Israeli settlers from the nearby settlement of Mabu Dotan, an off-shoot from Dotan settlement, deployed near the villages of Ya’bad and Barta’a, also in the Jenin district.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military force invaded the village of Al-Shawawreh near Bethlehem and broke into two homes.

Eyewitnesses said that troops broke into the house of Issa Rabay’a and Qader ad-Dar’awi and searched them and left without any arrests.

In related news, the Ma’an News agency reported that the Israeli army was carrying out a military drill in the area.

Troops fired live rounds at mock targets and fired a number of tear gas bombs, which forced some of the families to leave the area.