Ma’an News Agency are reporting Friday that an eight year old Palestinian boy has been struck down, in an hit and run incident, by a car driven by settlers in Hebron.The child, Taleb Jaber, was struck in the village of al-Baqaa, near Hebron, before fleeing the scene.

Jaber was taken, by Israeli medics, to an hospital in the settlement of Kiryet Arba, but Ma’an are reporting that the boy’s grandfather are claiming that Palestinian medics, from the Red Crescent, were prevented from reaching Jaber by the Israeli military and that he, Taleb Jaber, was struck deliberately.

This follows a similar hit and run incident, on Sunday, when a Palestinian child was injured by a settler vehicle near the village of Burin, near Nablus.

In unrelated news news, two Israeli settlers have been killed in a car accident north of Hebron.