The health condition of Palestinian detainee Akram Mansour, 52, witnessed a sharp deterioration Monday as he continues his hunger strike along with hundreds of detainees imprisoned by Israel. Held in Asqalan prison, Mansour suffers from a brain tumor and repeatedly loses consciousness. The Israeli Prison Administration is still refusing to provide him specialized medical treatment.

Around twenty detainees in Asqalan Israeli prison recently announced they would
join the open-ended hunger strike declared by most detainees in Israeli prisons last Monday. Mansur also decided to join the strike.

The detainees are demanding that Israel stop its violations against them, including the solitary confinement policy, random and violent searches and attacks against their rooms, and all other violations such as denying detainees medical treatment and humiliating families during visitations.

Mansour is the third oldest detainee in Israeli prisons; he was kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel more than 32 years ago.