A group of settlers again attacked students of Qurtuba School in Hebron on Thursday, October 13, the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported. For the third day in row, students and their teachers faced problems reaching their school. Having decided to start studying on an Israeli road block near their school, they were attacked by settlers who threw stones and empty bottles at them.

Mohammad Rashid Zlum, the school guard, reported to WAFA that “a group of settlers attacked the school and threw stones and empty bottles.’ He added, “I faced them and tried to make them leave the school, but they beat me.”

The director of Qurtuba School, Ibtisam Al-Jundi, stated that the Israeli military forces prevent the faculty and students from entering the school under the pretext of the Israeli military’s decision that no citizen can be allowed to enter the area without a thorough inspection at the electronic gate at Daboya portal.

Al-Jundi said the faculty had refused to obey this decision, adding that in defiance of the order, teachers had started holding classes on the sidewalk in front of the checkpoint at the entrance of Martyrs Street in the middle of Hebron.

According to the WAFA correspondent in Hebron, the Israeli military forces tried to prevent media coverage of their actions by stopping journalists from approaching the area. He also noted that a number of the Temporary International Presence Delegation forces in Hebron are staying at the site to monitor violations by the army.