Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Hanniyah, confirmed to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Father Hamam Akhzouz, Hamas government’s full commitment for being held responsible for maintaining safe and descent life for Gaza Christians along with the freedom of worship in accordance with social and religious privacies. “This is their right {the freedom of worship}, and it is our job to maintain safety and security for them {Gaza Christians}”, said Mr. Hanniyah in a meeting with the the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem at the Cabinet in the city of Gaza on Tuesday.

Hanniyah’s statements came during a meeting with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem at the ministers’ council in city of Gaza along with the Patron of the Latin Church in Gaza, George Hernandez, Tuesday afternoon. Hanniyah welcomed the delegate, confirming the strength of affairs between Muslims and Christians which appears at varied levels.

He pointed out that we, Muslims and Christians, have only one goal we all share as the people of Palestine.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the delegate over releasing, Chris Al-Bandak, a Christian prisoner, was held in Israeli prisons, pointing out that the Palestinian resistance insisted to include him in Shalit swap deal, done few days ago between Israel and the Hamas Movement.

“The release of Chris Al-Bandak is a concrete evidence of the strength of the affairs between Palestine’s Muslims and Christians,” said Hanniyah during the meeting.

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem expressed his happiness and appreciation over meeting with the Hamas Prime Minister, Hanniyah, congratulating him the advent of Eid Al-Adha. He also praised the durable relations between the government, Church and Christians in Gaza.

He further thanked Mr. Hanniyah for his concern regarding Jerusalem and the maintaining of Christians’ freedom of worship, pointing out to the efforts that the Church of Jerusalem is makeing for the service of people of Palestine.