Palestinian Minister of Telecommunications, Dr. Mashour Abu-Daqa, confirmed that destructive hacking attacks by pirates from more than 20 states are being made against the Palestinian internet service providers since Tuesday morning led to the break of internet service in the Palestinian Territories, the Maan News Agency reported Tuesday morning. “I personally have assured that more than a million hacking attempts are being made per second to break the Palestinian internet service providers,” said Dr. Abu-Daqa, adding that “Palestinian Telecommunications’ experts are trying to maintain the network from being broken.”

“The hacking attacks are destructive and they are deliberate and pretty serious,” he said, “These are caused by pirates from more than 20 states, and they are hacking internet servers owned by the Palestinian Telecommunications Company.”

Palestinian Tel experts have shut down international internet lines as an attempt to maintain the network from being down. They, moreover, are working to stop ongoing hacking attacks.

Dr. Abu-Daqa called on the Palestinian customers to understand the emergency status, confirming that the P.A Tel Ministry is working around the clock regarding the hacking attacks.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian customers expressed fears regarding hacking the Palestinian internet network, claiming that the attacks are caused by political groups especially after the US waved its threats of imposing sanctions on the UNESCO after the latter extended Palestine as a full membership at the international body.