Israel continues to breach the terms of the prisoner-swap deal by breaking into the houses of ex-detainees’ throughout the West Bank , Palestinian news agency, Ma’an reported.Palestinian officials in charge of the detainees’ , asserted that the Israeli Prison Administration is still punishing and isolating the detainees. In addition, (IPA) has refused to lengthen visiting times and prevented the prisoners from buying sweets and visiting each other within the same jail.

Ex-detainees, Nae’l al-Barghouthi and Fakhri al-Barghouthi, were freed after 34years within the swap last month and were called for interrogation in Ofer detention center near Ramallah.

They demanded the Egyptian mediator to exert pressure on Israel to stop the humiliating policy against them and their families.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society condemned the move and called for a solution to be found to save the lives of the ex-detainees.

The Israeli military forces broke into another ex-detainee’s home in the village of Y’abod in the western part of the West Bank city of Jenin. He was released within the deal last month.

Security sources reported that the Israeli army broke into the house of the ex-detainee, Ya’qub al-Kilani, causing damage to the furniture. He was kidnapped in 2000, sentenced to eighteen years and freed within the deal last month.

The Army was accompanied by the head of the Israeli intelligence agency who said that al-Kilani had to go through strict security measures and he did not have permission to leave the district he lives in.

The Israeli military launched an incursion into the city of Qalqilia and handed the ex-detainees, Shadi al-Zayed, Ibrahim Yasine and A’kram Mansour, notifications to head to different detention centers for interrogation on December 11.

Local sources stated that the army invaded Balatah refugee camp on Monday and broke into the houses of Latifa abu-Dra’ and Mohammad al-A’assi. Both men were freed within the prisoner-swap deal.