Israeli military bulldozers levelled farming lands of Qalandia town to build the Apartheid wall, the Palestine Info & News Agency, WAFA, reported Sunday afternoon. Eyewitnesses stated that two Israeli military bulldozers, alongside with Israeli border guards, levelled farming lands belong to the townspeople of Qalandia in order to rebuild the Israeli-controlled Qalandia airport, as well as expanding the settlement of Atarot.

The track of the new wall being constructed would separate many of villagers’ homes from the same town, and it would set them apart from the outside world, the eyewitnesses added.

The town of Qalandia lies north of the occupied city of Jerusalem. Moreover, an airport, called Qalandia Airport, and a refugee camp were constructed on the lands of the town, which has a population of 1,100, and it is surrounded with the Annexation Wall from the east and north. After the construction of the wall is complete, it will thoroughly separate the town from the outside world.

The mayor of the town, Jousef Awad, said that Israeli bulldozers are levelling and destroying vast areas of the town’s lands, pointing out that ‘The villagers have fought the Israeli soldiers and bulldozers,’ and ‘We are asking for an international intervention to stop the Israeli actions against the lands of the town.’.

He said that the lands being levelled by Israeli bulldozers belong to numerous Qalandia residents, and the area intended to be confiscated is around 400 acres.