Dr. Ahmad Yousef, one of the senior political leaders of the Hamas movement, stated Thursday that the recent meeting between President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas Political Bureau Chief, Khaled Mashal, set the vision of a unified strategy for the struggle against the occupation, adding that the movement is adopting nonviolent resistance as a strategy.Talking to the Ma’an News Agency, Yousef stated that he recent meeting between Mashal and Abbas brought to light a unified Palestinian vision regarding the struggle against the occupation, adding that the Hamas movement made a wise decision in adopting popular resistance as a strategy, as Israel uses armed Palestinian resistance as an excuse to attack Gaza, keep it under siege, and target its leaders.

“Adopting popular, nonviolent resistance will open several gates in front of Hamas, nonviolent struggle will not give Israel the opportunity to keep striking the Gaza Strip,” Yousef said, “But, if the enemy decides to attack Gaza, we will defend ourselves.”

He also stated that by adopting popular resistance, the movement will be able to improve its international relations, especially amidst the current changes in the Arab countries and the world, and added that the “West is starting to understand the Islamic Movements, and has stopped marginalizing them.”

As for Palestinian Unity and reconciliation with the Fateh movement, Yousef stated that all factions have a well thought-out vision for political partnership, and no party will try to force its agenda on the other. “Everything will be done through dialogue and understanding, for the sake of our national cause,” the Hamas leader elaborated.

As for the Hamas candidate for presidency, Yousef stated that the movement has not determined a candidate yet, and said that all factions are interested in peaceful transition of power.

“No matter what the outcome of the elections is, there will always be governments that set the nature of the relations with our neighbours, and with the occupation,” he concluded.