Israeli soldiers invaded, on Monday, the village of Azzoun, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia. They arrested twelve residents, after violently beating and attacking them; four of the taken were released later on.The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) in Qalqilia identified those in question as Ghaleb Salim, Ahmad Salim, Majdi Suleiman, Mohammad Radwan, Adnan Radwan, Ahmad Huwwary, Ayman Kharfan, Mohammad Radwan, and Wisam Radwan.

The four residents who were released have been identified as Abdullah Salim, Mahmoud Radwan, Yousef Shbeita and Mohammad Imad Radwan. Several other residents were reportedly attacked and beaten-up by the soldiers during the incursion.

The PPS in Qalqilia denounced the Israeli violation, including the recent attacks and kidnapping of children and former detainees.

PPS also called on human rights groups to intervene and stop the Israeli assaults, as they constitute a direct violation to the basic international principles of human rights.