The Iranian “Islamic Republic News Agency” (IRNA) reported that the Ministry of Intelligence captured, on Tuesday, what it called “an Israeli terrorist cell that planned terrorist operations in the country”.IRNA said that all members of the cell were apprehended after being identified by the Iranian Security Forces.

The agency added cell members “planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Iran, but were all apprehended before they managed to carry their plans out”.

In a statement issued Tuesday afternoon, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said stated that its forces “have discovered one of the biggest terror and sabotage networks of the Quds Occupying Regime (Israel) and protected cells of its operatives and arrested groups of criminal terrorists and mercenaries cooperating with them”.

Iran said that the intelligence forces carried out sophisticated operations in several provinces of the country along the border, and in central areas.

Meanwhile, the FARS Iranian News Agency said that the “months-long complicated measures” led to identifying what it called “the Zionists’ regional command center in one of the regional countries”.

FARS added that several operating cells were also apprehended while planning for new attacks.

The agency quoted the Intelligence Ministry stating that large caches of weapons, ammunition, and military communication equipment were also seized.

The Ministry said that it will not be able, at the current time, to reveal further information due to security considerations, but said that the public will be informed at a later stage.

It is worth mentioning that four Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated in Iran, in recent years; Tehran accused the United States and Israel of standing behind these assassinations.

On its part, Israel accused Iran of standing behind the bombing of Israeli targets in India and the attempt to attack other Israeli targets in Georgia and Thailand. Some reports recently claimed that Iran is also planning to attack Israelis in Turkey.