Arab member of Knesset, Hanin Zoabi, stated that Israeli pressures and threats against nonviolent solidarity activists, the Welcome To Palestine campaign, in addition to the German and British cancellation of airline tickets that belong to several activists due to Israeli pressure, are clear indications that Israel considers itself above the law, and gives itself the right to violate international freedoms.
She added that by cancelling the tickets, Germany and Britain are violating the basic rights of their own citizens, especially their right to travel.

“Israel’s long arm is now openly targeting basic human rights, it did not hesitate in attacking its own citizens, Arabs and Jews”, Zoabi stated, “What happened in Europe should be of concern to the International Community; Israel’s policies are now a threat to everyone”.

Zoabi, a member of the Israeli Knesset, strongly denounced the Israeli claims that the peace activists “violated it laws”, and added that the activists are peacefully struggling against injustice, racism, and Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

She said that “the pathetic Israeli attempts will not deter the peace activists from continuing their legitimate peaceful struggle in support of the Palestinians living under illegal Israeli occupation.

The MK also said that Israel’s paranoia is a clear indication of the effectiveness of international campaigns conducted in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and that “Israel might have succeeded in preventing several activists from entering the country, but its illegal action sheds a light on its true face as a bitter state that fights against nonviolent resistance by all means.

She affirmed that all solidarity campaigns will continue, and will continue to expose Israel’s illegal policies.

“This is what will lead to an increased international solidarity with the Palestinian people” Zoabi concluded, “Israel will never be able to stop these waves of solidarity, it will stand isolated amidst increasing international support to the legitimate Palestinian rights”.