Israeli sources reported that U.S. Republican lawmakers intend to grant Israel additional $680 Million to be transferred in full by 2015, in order to help Israel’s Iron Dome system that intercepts projectiles and short range rockets.The move was presented by Republicans at the U.S. House of Representatives, Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported.

The money would also be used in installing another interception system, infrastructure and large amounts of defense missiles, such as the “patriot”.
Earlier this month, Israel asked the United States to grant it an effective missile interception system, similar to the Iron Dome and the Magic Wand systems.

Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that amount requested by Israel could pressure the Obama administration, facing upcoming elections, to clearly state what it deems essential to “help Israel maintain its security”.

Haaretz added that Pentagon Press Secretary, George Little, stated the White House will be requesting an “unspecified level of funding” from the Congress in order to help Israel boost its interception power.

Israel wants three units for its interception system in order to intercept shells during conflict, and said that it needed 13 or 14 systems to be deployed on various fronts.
The Obama Administration did not issue a direct comment on the Republican move requesting the additional $680 starting this fiscal year until the fiscal year of 2015.

The United States grants Israel some $3.6 Billion a year in addition to hundreds of millions collected by pro-Israeli groups, private events, and lobbies, including groups that aim at boosting Israel’s illegal settlement construction and expansion activities in the occupied territories, especially in occupied East Jerusalem.