The Head of the Artery Of Life Committee in Jordan, Engineer Wael As-Saqqa, stated that all preparations and documentation are ready for the Ansar 2 solidarity convoy which will be heading to the Gaza Strip through Egypt on May 14.During a press conference held in Amman, Monday, As-Saqqa stated that the convoy will be heading from Amman to Aqaba Port before heading by sea to Nweibe’ Port in Egypt and then by land to the Rafah Border Terminal into Gaza.

He added that the convoy comprises 90 participants representing professional unions, political parties, youth activists and journalists. Their aim is to support a number of small development projects in the coastal region of Gaza.The projects have a start-up cost of $5000-1000, and include technical, training and rehabilitation projects designed to reduce unemployment and poverty rates by providing jobs in the besieged and impoverished coastal region.

The convoy will also be carrying urgently needed medical supplies and equipment not available in Gaza because of the ongoing and illegal Israeli blockade.
More than 90 types of medication for infants and children, cancer and heart disease will be taken, as well as parts for medical equipment unobtainable in Gaza.

As-Saqqa further stated that all convoy members are Jordanian apart from one woman from Saudi Arabia and that this convoy is independent of any other convoy that will be heading to the Gaza Strip during this period.