On Monday afternoon Israeli soldiers demolished several sheds used by Bedouins in Wadi al-Maleh in the northern plains of the West Bank. They confiscated several water tanks used by the residents, in an attempt to force them to relocate and leave the area. Local sources reported the several Israeli military Caterpillar bulldozers removed tents, sheds and tin houses in the area without allowing the residents to remove their belongings from the sheds, and told them that they should leave the area.

Furthermore, the soldiers confiscated several water tanks and took them to a nearby military base; the water tanks are used for drinking and for fulfilling the daily needs of the residents.

This most recent attack is part of systematic violations targeting the Palestinian Plains area for the benefit of settlement construction and expansion.

On Sunday, the army handed two residents in al-Aqaba, in the northern plains area, military orders informing them that their homes will be demolished under the pretext of being built “without construction permits”.

In related news, soldiers destroyed electricity and phone poles in al-Aqrabaniyya, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus. The poles were destroyed as the army was conducting military drills in the area.

The head of the al-Aqrabaniyya village council, Ibrahim Da’abes, stated that several Israeli military vehicles were conducting training in the hills and valleys of the area, and that, besides destroying the poles, the army also bulldozed large areas of farmlands.

Da’abes added that this attack is one of dozens of attacks carried out in the area, and that the soldiers are deliberately destroying Palestinian property and lands in an attempt to push the Palestinians out. The void created by their eviction would benefit of Israeli settlements and the military by giving them space to expand.