Palestinian was killed and two others were injured on Monday after the Israeli military opened fire toward their car on al-za’em military checkpoint, east of Jerusalem.Israeli newspaper Maariv reported that an Israeli soldier opened fire at the Palestinians when they refused to stop at the checkpoint.  In the meantime, an Israeli soldier was slightly injured in the incident, however it is not clear how.

The newspaper revealed that one of the Palestinians was shot in the head and killed and was transferred to Hadassah hospital, he was identified as Akram Bader, from the village of Beitillu near Ramallah.  The two others were slightly injured and were transferred to Ramallah hospital.

The two wounded were identified as Khaled al-Sabti from Deir Ammar village, west of Ramallah, who was shot in the shoulder and leg and Khaled Imad from Beitillu,  who was shot in his thigh.