Dozens of residents, and a number of International peace activists, marched towards the Annexation Wall, isolating the villagers from their lands, and were attacked by dozens of Israeli soldiers who fired gas bombs at them, and waste-water mixed with chemicals. Similar to other protests in the West Bank, Friday, the protesters marched carrying “the coffin of the Oslo peace agreements”, as Israel’s illegal actions and ongoing violations have sabotaged and buried these deals.

As the protesters reach the Abu Lemon natural reserve, the army started spraying them with waste-water mixed with chemicals, and fired gas bombs at them. One Israeli peace activist was injured by a gas bomb in the head, while several Israeli, international and local peace activist were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The protesters carried Palestinian flags and pictures of the longest serving Palestinian political prisoner held by Israel, Abdul-Karim Younis, demanding his release, the release of all Palestinian detainees, and an end to the illegal Israeli occupation.

The main theme of the protest, marked the 19th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo accords, and the protesters named the protest this week as the “Friday of burial ceremonies of the Oslo accords”; the protesters conducted a symbolic funeral ceremony announcing the death of the Oslo peace agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

They went on to burn the symbolic coffin of Oslo after marching to the wall, and demanded the Palestinian Authority to void the Oslo Agreements, and the Paris Economic Protocols that only led to further economic hardships to the Palestinians.

They also demanded the International Community to intervene and ensure the release of all Palestinian political prisoners, especially those who have been imprisoned before the first Oslo agreement was signed in 1993.

The protesters also marched against the recent movie that mocks the Muslim Prophet, Mohammad, and all racist acts that are meant to mock the Arabs and the Muslims, and to insult the Muslim faith.

They called on the Arab and Islamic countries to continue their peaceful protests to counter these racist acts, and stressed on the importance of nonviolent activities.
It is worth mentioning that the Palestinians and their Israeli and International supporters will start a week of popular nonviolent protests, starting Saturday September 15, in front of the Ofer Israeli prison, near Ramallah.

The protest will start on Saturday at 2 in the afternoon, and is meant to express support to the Palestinian prisoners and their steadfastness in Israeli prisons and detention facilities.