The Israeli army reported that one of its soldiers was killed, Friday, and another soldier was seriously injured, during armed clashes with gunmen along the Egyptian border; three gunmen were also killed. An Israeli military spokesperson said that the soldiers managed to foil what he called a “serious attack planned against Israel”, adding that explosive belts and different sorts of weapons were found with the three slain gunmen.

Initial Israeli military reports indicated that gunmen from Sinai managed to reach the border area between Israel and Egypt, detonated and explosive charge near an Israeli military vehicle driving along the Philadelphi Route, along the border, and opened fire at the soldiers.

Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that fierce clashes took place in the area, and that the armed called for backup.

The army said that, when taking into consideration the types of weapons and explosives the gunmen carried, the army managed to foil a large operation planned against Israel, an operation that could have led to several casualties on the Israeli side, especially since the gunmen were trying to infiltrate into Israel.