After airstrikes both Saturday and Sunday that killed entire families including parents, grandparents and small children, another airstrike on a home in northern Gaza Monday evening killed a mother, father and their two children.Monday evening’s attack hit the home of Foad & Amna Hijazi and their two children Suhaib and Muhammad. They were all killed instantly.

Twelve neighbors were also injured in the attack, which took place in Beit Lahiya. Around the same time in southern Gaza, four people were wounded by an airstrike targeting a civilian area in Rafah, including a mother and small child.

The airstrikes Monday evening followed an earlier round of strikes that killed a total of 19 Palestinian civilians. With Monday evening’s airstrikes, a total of 97 Palestinians have now been killed in Gaza since Wednesday November 14th. At least 21 of these were small children.

In Rafah Monday night, reporter Mohammed Omer says the airstrikes are ongoing as of midnight.