Sunday May 19 2013; a number of extremist Israeli settlers attacked the Beit Hadaj Bedouin village in the Negev, and assaulted the villagers before torching at tent inhabited by Eid Abu Hbak who filed a complaint at an Israeli police station in the Negev. The Israeli Police claimed that the attack was carried out following clashes that took place between the villages and settlers of Rotanim settlement, and added that the villagers hurled stones at the settlement and some vehicles.

The Maan News Agency has reported that the settlers also attacked the head of the village’s local committee, Salam Ibin Hmeid, who tried to mediate in an attempt to reduce tension.

Ibin Hmeid added that some West Bank settlers recently moved to Moshav Rotanim, and carried out numerous attacks on Sunday evening, including setting a farm ablaze, closing roads and attacking local villagers.

“Those settlers carry the dangerous ideology of attacking the Arabs”, he said, “The Police is claiming our youths hurled stones at Rotanim, we got used to their lies”.