Jordanian political prisoners, held by Israel, entered their 53rd day of ongoing hunger strike protesting their continued detention, the bad treatment and dire health and living conditions they face in Israeli prisons.The detainees are demanding Israel either to release them or to transfer them to Jordan to serve their terms there, as stated by the peace Agreement signed between Jordan and Israel in 1994.

They have also been denied the right to family visits.
One of the striking detainees is Abdullah Barghouthi, 41, who is serving 67 life terms; most of the detainees are serving a minimum of 10 years.

The striking detainees are also demanding Israel to reveal the fate and location of twenty missing Jordanians, and to transfer the remains of slain Jordanian, buried in the Numbers Graveyard, back to Jordan.

The Ad-Dameer Foundation for Human Rights stated that all detainees must be treated with dignity as stated by the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions, and the International Human Rights Law.