Israeli sources have reported that the Israeli army cleared for publication, Sunday, the uncovering of a border tunnel between Gaza and Israel, and that the tunnel was prepared to carryout “a large-scale attack”. Israeli Ynet News has reported that the army located the runnel last Thursday when a special unit of the Engineers Corp was operating near the border fence with the Gaza Strip.

The tunnel is located close to Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and extends to 2.5 kilometers ending in an agricultural land near Ein Hashlosha.

The Ynet said that the army examined the tunnel that was loaded with explosives, and located several exit points.

Israel believes that the tunnel was meant to be used during a possible war with the Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials said it remains unknown when this tunnel was meant to be used in carrying out major attacks against Israel, but stated that tunnels of this nature are planned for strategic use, kept under wraps by Hamas leaders so that the movement can use them to abduct Israeli soldiers, or during any upcoming war on Gaza.

The Ynet said that the army has yet to uncover and expose most of the tunnels with Gaza.

It added that heads of local councils heads in settlements close to the border area with Gaza, called on the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to withdraw a plan allegedly meant to stop providing military security to settlement in the area.

Furthermore, the Israeli government decided to stop the transfer of construction materials into the besieged coastal region until the army and security apparatus assess the situation in light of recent developments.