Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, called on companies in the European Union countries, and other foreign corporations operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, and occupied Jerusalem, to abide by International Law by divesting from Israeli settlements.His statements came during his Wednesday meeting with the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, in Brussels.

He said that it is essential that the European Union implement its procedures regarding Israeli settlement products starting at the beginning of 2014.

The Palestinian President said that those measures do not target Israel but are against its illegal occupation of Palestine, and its illegal settlement activities.

He added that the Palestinians want to be able to live in peace next to Israel, and build solid bridges of peace after Israel ends it illegal occupation and its illegitimate settlement activities.

Abbas said that the Palestinian Authority appreciates the political stances of the EU, and its decisions that comply with International Law, especially those regarding the illegitimacy of Israel’s settlements in occupied Palestine.

He also said that he appreciates the EU stances regarding East Jerusalem being part of the occupied territories, and the capital of the anticipated Palestinian State.

The President further stated that the EU has been providing political and economic support to the Palestinian Authority so that it can build strong institutions and infrastructure.

Addressing the Israeli leadership, Abbas said that Tel Aviv must stop all of its violations, invasions and assaults, and that, despite Israel’s violations and the strangulation of the Palestinian economy, the Palestinian Authority is committed to the timetable set by U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, regarding reaching a peace agreement after nine months of talks.

He said that the P.A. is working closely with President Barack Obama, and Kerry, to ensure the success of peace talks, and reach an agreement that leads to a two-state solution living in peace, and added that should those efforts fail; the region, and the world, will witness serious instability and insecurity.