[Wednesday October 30, 2013] Chief Palestinian Negotiator, Dr. Saeb Erekat, stated that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas never accepted a transitional solution to the conflict, and will never abandon the legitimate Palestinian rights.Talking to the Al-Ayyam Palestinian Paper, Erekat said that such rumors are unfounded, and violate the understanding reached between Israel and the Palestinians, clearly stating that direct peace talks aim at attaining a solution on all final status issues without transitional or partial agreements.

“The current talks we are holding with Tel Aviv are on all core, final status, issues, “Erekat said, “We never discussed transitional solutions, including a state with temporary borders, the Palestinian leadership rejects transitional solutions”.

Erekat’s statements came after the Israeli Radio alleged on Tuesday evening that Abbas always rejected transitional solutions, including solutions on issues like Jerusalem and the refugees, “but recently showed some leniency, and changed his mind on a transitional solution to the conflict”.

“It seems that Israel is blowing hot air to test the grounds”, Erekat added, “But in real life, such statements are nonsense, and baseless”.

As for Israel’s ongoing illegal settlement construction and expansion activities, Erekat said that Israel must stop all of its violations immediately to throw the peace process a chance to survive.

“All settlements are illegitimate, illegal”, The Palestinian official said, “Israel must halt its settlement activities immediately, without any delays”.

The statements came after the Israeli Government of Benjamin Netanyahu officially approved the construction of an additional 1500 units for Jewish settlers in Ramat Shlomo illegal settlement, in occupied Jerusalem.