The Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies have reported that the Ofer Israeli Military Court sentenced detainee Hussein Ali Qawasma, from the southern West bank city of Hebron, to a life term and additional sixty years.The Center said that that the judge initially sentenced Qawasma to a life term and additional thirty years, then he asked the detainee “if he regrets what he did”, and the detainee refused to stand up for the judge, and responded to his question saying;

“You occupied my land, stole my country, and killed by brothers, and now you expect me to give you some roses?!”, he said, “I do not regret what I did, I defended my country”.

Qawasma is believed to be behind an attack against Israelis in Jerusalem, while the prosecution claims he planned to kidnap Israeli soldiers in an attempt to conduct a prisoner-swap.

He is married, and a father of five children; he previously spent 11 years in Israeli prisons, including 10 consecutive years.

The center said two brothers of Al-Qawasma, Ahmad and Morad, were killed in separate attacks by Israeli soldiers, his brother Ziad, kidnapped 10 years ago, is serving a 14 year term, and his other brother, Mahmoud, is a former political prisoner who was deported to Gaza when he was freed as part of the Shalit prisoner swap deal in 2011.